A Little Introduction…

My name is Dawn Walton Lee and I was born and raised in Dunn, North Carolina. I am the daughter of the late, Fred Walton and Peggy Walton of Erwin. I lost my Father at the young age of 14 to the dreaded “C” word that no one wants to hear…Cancer. He was a Veteran and my Hero. I graduated from Dunn High School in 1978 and attended Campbell University after. I graduated with my Associates Degree in Business in 1981. I got married to my husband, Brent Lee, on July 17th, 1982. We have been married for 33 years now. Our first and only child was born on June 25th, 1986. Brent and I decided not to find out if we were having a baby girl or a baby boy until we were in the delivery room. Dr. Grant was the doctor that delivered our child that day at Rex Hospital and we were both overjoyed when he looked at us and said, “Welcome to the world Maegan Dawn Lee.” From that day forward, it has been such a blessing to be called her Mother. I am a Christian and a Deacon at the church I attend, First Baptist Church of Dunn. I am the Firm Administrator for Alton R Gower, Jr., CPA of Dunn and I have worked for this firm since September 1988. I am very proud to say that I am a Cancer survivor…and in Maegan's words, “I kicked Cancer's BUTT!”

Even though I am an only child, I know I am blessed to have a gang of close friends that I consider my sisters. I feel very blessed to have these amazing women in my life. Not only are they sisters to me, they are “honorary” Mothers to Maegan. We call ourselves the “Pool Gang” and I refuse to divulge any more of our secrets!

I've been called a lot of different things over the years…mother, daughter, wife, friend, deacon…some titles that I had rather NOT share! One title I never thought I would be called was Author. Today as I type, I can happily say that I am a co-author with my Daughter, Maegan. As some of you who have read the book know, we never set out to write a book. My dear friend and neighbor, Vickie Chapman, attended church one Sunday morning over 5 years ago. During the sermon, her pastor Brad Talley mentioned that so many in their church were suffering. He made the statement that it seems that some are literally, “called to suffer.” That statement really touched Vickie. That afternoon as we were walking in our neighborhood, Vickie asked if she could come in and talk to Maegan and I when we finished. When she came in that afternoon, she shared with Maegan and I that the Lord had laid it upon her heart that we were going to write a book. Maegan and I looked at each other in disbelief. She said she already knew that the title of the book was to be titled, “Called To Suffer.” That Sunday afternoon the idea of our book and the title was born…through a leap of faith.

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